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Once I finally get it in, I'm met with INTENSE pain. Quite upset now.

Hi. I'm Rissa, 22 years old. I've had my ladycup small for two weeks. I've done all dry runs for the moment since my period doesn't start until the end of this week. I'm a virgin and I couldn't get it in the first time, so I did what everyone suggests and tried to stretch my opening. I do not see a hymen, but I feel a remnant of one just inside. Stupid, bad tampon experience broke it for sure (found out that dry tampons are incredibly painful to get out.. hence my desire for a cup. Oh, and that I'm possibly allergic to them. Let's not tempt fate, shall we?). I got to where I could fit two fingers past the middle knuckles, so I figured I was in good shape. My cervix is rather high. I can barely reach it with my index. My urethra is rather low, though, parallel with the opening of my vagina. I find it odd, but not a problem I don't think. Oh, and one of my inner labias are penny-sized, i.e. larger than the other. Don't know if either of those are signs of more issues. Never been told they would be, but here we go with the problems:

At first the opening was just so tight I couldn't bear it. Did some periodical stretching. Then I got it in half-way and it tried to open, so I pulled it out. Gave it a couple more days. Then I got it farther in and it wouldn't open. Few more days. Now, tonight, relaxed and laying down, I get it in as far as I can, with part of the base still sticking out, and it opens. My thought process here:
"Wow. That feels tight.. oh VERY tight. Oh OW OW OW OW *wanting to scream, but not wanting to wake mom*"
I squeeze the base to break suction, hear it AND feel it.. more "OW OW OW OW  SHEEEEEEEEEE"
And I teeter it out in 2 seconds. Now blood. Oy.

Now I'm scared to death to put it back in. It was like a nerve went absolutely nuts and shot a bullet of pain all up there. I wonder if the very fleshy tissue in the anterior side has anything to do with it. The posterior side is smooth like a muscle, but the anterior has parallel vertical "folds" almost that are very soft.

I'm fine now. No pain after I took it out. Just a light feeling of needing to pee, like all the times before.

Please help. I really want to get away from stinky pads. :(
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, virginity
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