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Help! Suction/seal issues.

I've checked the FAQ and archives, and found plenty of tips on breaking the seal when removing. I still have problems. Now, my problem is that I have (I think) very strong pelvic floor muscles. I do Pilates, and reflexively tighten and release my PC muscles when I'm having sex or masturbating, so they get a lot of exercise. I tried the DivaCup first, but it was too large and uncomfortable. I am now using the small Lunette, which feels great in...

...but is also a nightmare to get out. I have only inserted and removed it twice, but both times I was unable to break the seal before pulling it out despite trying and trying. It was so hard to remove because I had to pull and pull and pull and bear down, and obviously I'm a little worried about the suction on my vaginal walls and cervix. LOL. I hear an audible POP of suction when I finally pull it out.

I can't get my finger up there to break the seal. I push it up as far as it will go without too much pain and push inward, but I just feel a strong pain inside. I've pushed REALLY hard but can't find the rim of the cup. Either my finger isn't long enough, or it's too difficult to fit (it gets blocked by my pelvic bone). I can't get more than one finger far enough up there no matter how hard I try. I should also mention that my husband's penis is of average girth and it still hurts a little every time we have sex. An ex had a thicker penis and it hurt quite a lot each time, just at the beginning.

How can I break the seal? Does anyone have any pointers? I really want to use the Lunette. I love it.

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