phobichipmunk (phobichipmunk) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thinking of getting a second cup

I have used a Diva (s) for a little over a year now (kind of off and on) I'm thinking though that I want one that's a bit softer, partly because my Diva I have issues with after insertion it pops open and cause cramps, even when I take time and do it carefully, (I was kind of thinking a Meluna) though I don't know how much the size difference would affect leaking or anything. (the diva seems to be the correct size for me, but I kind of want slightly shorter for certain activities such as horse riding) and would a softer cup have a tendency to leak more than a stiffer one? Also since I am looking at getting a shorter cup, I was thinking the stem should be smooth (like not a tube, which is another reason I was looking at meluna)
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, camping & backpacking, divacup, meluna - soft

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