ashtraywasp (ashtraywasp) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Slurppppffff pff-rrrp shplep and then leak leaky leak.

Hi. I need help with figuring out what I could be doing wrong with my stiffy Mooncup sz B since it keeps making farty sounds and then being leaky not too long after every time I insert it now. It starts to feel slidy for no apparent reason - I'm not doing anything with my vagina/ giggling/ contracting anything any differently and it does feel all sucked in and alright upon insertion. Yet later it starts to feel like I've just passed gas through the vagina. This is my second period with it, and I'm a fist time user. I was pretty happy with it the first time and had no issues. However, this period I am experiencing nonstop leakage. At first I thought that maybe I inserted it sloppily or it was getting full too fast... but it just kept happening. It even leaks when there's barely anything in the cup when I remove it to reinsert, and I do dab everything clean upon inserting so its definitely new bleeding. I've reinserted it about a dozen times a day for three days in some varied ways as well as same ways I got it to work when using it on the first period. A basketload of bleedy panties later, it still makes a queefy sound in less than half an hour into me putting it in and walking out of the bathroom. It pops open fine and feels correct and as thought it sits right and tight when I gently tug at it to check that its sucked in. What is going on? Did my vagina get lazy at holding things? Thank you so much for any help. I really like the cup and want to rekindle this previously nice relationship we had going there...
Tags: leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk)

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