htebazile10 (htebazile10) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bubbles? Leaking problem? Losing Suction?

Hey everyone,
So I have a cold right now, and have been sneezing a lot. I notice after I sneeze I'll start feeling bubbles, like my cup is losing suction and about to leak. This has happened to me when I get out of bed sometimes, then I have to run to the bathroom before it starts dripping down my leg. I haven't had a leak from sneezing, but I'm worried about the possibility. My cup usually suctions to my cervix, so I feel like it might be losing suction off of my cervix when I feel the bubbles. What causes this feeling of bubbles? Is there any solution from it losing suction when I get out of bed? Is there a way to keegle it back into suction or to keep it from leaking? when I feel the bubbles? Has anyone else ver had this problem even if it wasn't caused by sneezing, just the bubble feeling?

Thanks everyone! If you need to know, I have a small Divacup, and my cervix is relatively high.
Tags: leakage & spotting, seal & suction
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