htebazile10 (htebazile10) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain While Removing

I am 16 and a virgin and I used to have a Divacup. Somehow I lost it, and finally repurchased one a couple months ago. I haven't been using it primarily because I've been having trouble with removal. I have a pretty high cervix sometimes, and when I reach in to get it with my thumb and index finger, I find how my index finger HAS to bend and it stretches a certain part of my vagina on the outside. If you look at this picture(diagram of a vagina, not school/work appropriate):

The part that gets stretched and usually end up even tearing a little on the inside is what looks like the hymenal caruncle. It's not my hymen though.

The only way I can reach in to get the cup is to turn my fingers side ways so my thumb and index finger are parallel to my legs. The problem is that it makes it difficult to reach the cup. I've tried bearing down so I can get it lower to make it more comfortable, but it takes a while and is a little annoying to have to bear down for 30 seconds before I take it out every time I want to remove it. Has anyone else had this problem? Advice?
Tags: age, cervix position, chafing/irritation, diagrams & pictures, divacup, hymen, removal, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, virginity
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