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18 April 2012 @ 10:03 am
Hello I'm new to cup use and as I have browsed this forum I notice that my trouple is not unique.  But having said that I have tried all the advise that everyone has given and i'm still not having any luck.  Here are my details:
Dry run #1:  I used the c fold and inserted the diva cup just so the stem was still out and then did a full rotation and then pushed in until the stem wasn't causing a chaf.  I stood up and couldn't feel it so I removed the cup no problem
Dry run #2:  I knew that my period would be starting any time so I decided to wear my cup to my spin class.  I inserted the cup, stood up couldn't feel it so went to class.  When I got home, I went to remove it and could not feel it.  I extended my longest finger in all the way and could barley feel the tip.  The gyno has told me that I'm tiled back and to the side and that my uteris "hides" and to tell my family doctor that..  Anyway what I could tell from moving my finger around it was like I had a wall (pelvic bone) in my vagina and that the cup had fallen into it.  As a side note my cervix is very high as well.  I tried squatting, breathing, bearing down all while having my finger as deep as possible.  Every time I would bear down all I could feel was that it was hitting the wall aka my pelvic bone.  It took me 45 mins to get my finger able to get under the stem enough to lift it up over the bone and it would just keep falling back in because it was up so high.  I finally managed to use my two fingers like chop sticks and little by little of squatting and baring down i finally get it down enough to be able to use my fingers and thumb......  REALLY should it be this hard that I have to spend 45 mins of digging with my whole hand??? I do triathlons and I have a very heavy flow and was really looking forward to not having to cancel race days because of my period.
juliiie87juliiie87 on April 20th, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC)
It's true, you CAN'T make the cup sit low if you have a high cervix, that's why the instructions are unrealistic. Also the spinning technique the Diva company advises is just one of many, very few people actually do this. The main thing you need for your cup to pop open is to relax, maybe even push your vagina open with your muscles and/ or finger, make room for air to reach the top of the cup and swoosh in like in a balloon. Find a fold that you can sort of unfold manually by poking around (triangle fold, personnally I like the labia, origami and diamond fold especially http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt6L-POE-b0)

Also don't let the public bathroom thing bring you down. Maybe wear it on your days off and on your lighter days until you get the hang of it ? And use a pad as back-up to buy you some more time. Most people with a light to regular flow don't deal with removal more than twice a day. If you can bring the changing time down to about 10 min or so, over time with practice, there's no way using a cup could be more time-consuming than changing a tampon every 30 min.

If you're thinking about trying another brand, definitely don't go with anything smaller, given your heavy flow. Width is not a problem, it's only contracting your muscles and air not reaching the top of the cup that prevents it from opening properly. There are several brands that are slightly longer in total (with longer stems). See the comparison pictures : http://menstrualcups.friendhood.net/f52-moderator-s-photo-library
skadi1 on April 20th, 2012 05:46 pm (UTC)
from the pics you showed me it looks like the large yukki is the same size as the diva but has a longer stem. Do you think that would help me remove it since when its fully in I can barley touch the stem with the tip of my longest finger?
I looked at the removal tips and someone mentioned to hold the tip with one hand and wiggle the base with the other... i'm pretty flexible but how in the world do you get two hands in there, I can barley get one finger and its extended as far as possible.
juliiie87juliiie87 on April 20th, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
It may help, also the large Yuuki is known for its high capacity and newly improved firmness : which basically means it should pop open easily. Also great grip rings from what I can see (not the case with the Keeper moon cup). I was also thinking about the XL Meluna : http://www.femininewear.co.uk/meluna-classic-menstrual-cup-20-p.asp that thing's supposed to be huge, and they give you several stem options, ring or stem sound good for you. Also, from the newer cups, the Natural mamma is slightly longer (from the pics) and some users have reported the Si-Bell (see the tag) comes out like a charm just by pulling on the stem ! But the usual advice is to try and go through the learning curve with the cup you already have. Also it's fine to go back to tampons for certain situations, or put the cup aside for a while if you need a break.

How much you can fit in a vagina pretty much depends on position (and relaxation) imo : squatting tends to make the canal shorter for some people, but it also makee it super tight. Most people with a high cervix swear by sitting in the toilet. For me, the way that I could fit my fingers in the most easily was lying on my back, but it was mostly good for insertion, I'm not sure how much you can reach this way. Have you tried lifting a foot up, standing or even sitting on the toilet, with one foot on the seat ? I've also heard of bending forward then twisting you shoulders sideways for a better reach. Sorry my advice is mostly technical, I'm more middle of the road anatomically and my cup (large Cuplee) is plenty long for me. :/