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I wanted to tell everyone that I ordered my Lunette Selene the other day!  I'm excited to get it and hope that it arrives before my lovely gift decides to visit this week!

I'm debating on which cup to choose for a second cup though?  I'm going between MeLuna Classic (I want a clear cup) and the Fleurcup.  I heard MeLuna is a bit wider and that Fleurcup is more narrow shaped and with me being a virgin, I thought that would be better, but I like how "soft" apparently MeLuna is. 

Any suggestions? 
daniellebee88daniellebee88 on April 10th, 2012 02:28 am (UTC)
Well as far as length goes, I searched and searched for my cervix, and I got about and inch to 2 inches up until it just "stopped" and I think i irritated it too much cause I had some pretty bad pain afterwards. I know that I'm not very "high" because my tampon applicators would stop RIGHT at the grips on them until they would hit the end.

I wanted a second cup just as a back up in case the Selene didn't work out. That way I could try two different types. I bought the Selene because of the color and the length (it being kind of right in the middle and not too short or long and not too small) and I'm really hoping it works for me. I'm not concerned about getting it in, more so getting it out because the cup is too short.

I've been debating on a fleur as well for a while, just going back and forth...I'm also worried about the color being something that would cause me to have a reaction (i have very sensitive skin) but from what I understand, it doesn't have any allergies to the color at all? I just figure buying a clear one would be good to go.

But you're right, I may just wait and hold off, because if i end up loving the Selene then I will just order another Lunette in clear as well :) I'm just still juggling my options.