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Various practical issues. :S

I've been using my (small) ladycup since... what... November? I adore it. However, I would really appreciate some advice!

At the moment the capacity on my ladycup is OK, but in a few months time I'll be starting school and I'd like to go a whole day without needing to empty the cup. (or at least be able to last until lunch break!)
I got the ladycup and, I'm a little ashamed to say this, I was one of those people who thought "I want something small because I'm not used to stuff like that and I'm sure it'll be uncomfortable" before buying. The stem is about 1cm long, and at this length, the stem sits right at the entrance of the vagina. (not really in and not really out) I'm not sure whether to get a longer cup and just cut the stem off completely, but I'm a little worried it'll be too long for me and will just be uncomfortable. As I cannot feel the cup when it's in at all, I don't know whether I could opt for a larger rim size too. I'm a 14 year old virgin, just in case that that changes an awful lot.

My other issue is cleaning. Are there any easy to get hold of, cup friendly wet wipes I can get and are recommended? (preferably not ones made by the cup makers because of the time it takes to ship to the UK and the money they charge)

Thank you for reading my very long post. ^_^;; (hopefully someone will understand what I'm babbling on about!)
Tags: brand comparisons, cleaning, cleaning - public, heavy blood flow, lady cup
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