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in love with a little cup

I'm nearly 32 and on my third period since I had mirena removed. I had Mirena for the full five years and did not have a period nearly the entire time. So I really saved on tampons. When my menses started again I was like an 11yr old all over again! How does this go in here? Panic spread over me as I had to undress and squat and maneuver that bleached applicator of doom! I was worried I'd never be able to leave the house!  I was in whole foods so I picked up the diva cup 2. I'm going to be 32 in june and I had a stillborn in 2006 so I figured a 2 was the best bet. Terribly excited to get home, I dashed up the stairs and started practicing folds and washing my hands. I never managed to get it in that cycle. Amazingly enough that was the last day of my menses that cycle. So, I tossed the cup in my suitcase for my trip because I knew I would start my cycle before I got home. I got it in on the first try! I wanted to shout from the rooftops! I texted friends and posted on Facebook! I'm a convert! I know the diva cup isn't the cup for everyone, but I'm in love with mine. So, in love I sewed two new bags for my cup! My cycle was only three days long and I barely had cramps. I seriously think this is a result of the cup? Maybe. 

For everyone out there who has had a bad dry run or a tough go the first cycle, keep trying it is one of the best things to ever happen to your cycle! 

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