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Ow ohmygod Ow

I tried my very first menstrual cup today and I kind of want to cry. Wah.

I did a lot of research and a lot of thinking and finally I picked up a large Diva cup. (I'm just shy of 30 and have pretty wide set hips and, really, the cups are only a few mm difference.) The insertion went just fine. I didn't experience any of the initial horrors so many women complain of. I set it down low like the directions suggested. No major problems on that front, no real leaking, but I was definitely aware it was in there. After a few minutes I noticed a slight pain. I wiggled my body a bit to try and get it to move and that sort of worked/ I ignored the pain a while. It didn't go away so I removed the cup and reset it. This time a little deeper, but again after a few minutes the pain returned. I'd blame cramping but it was a sharp pain that seemed to ricochet up into my ovary. I immediately removed the cup. I'd read on a few blogs that some women flip their cup inside out to shorten it and tuck away the stem. I tried that. Still no luck. After a few hours of this song and dance I gave up and removed it for good.

It's been six hours and I *still* hurt. WTH? Does anyone know what that was? There's a post from a couple years ago that theorizes a suction issue may have actually caused bruising on my cervix. Is that a thing? Does anyone have any other theories? And is there a way to ice ones vagina?

I was using sponges before and *loved* them, but I wanted something with real longevity and all of my friends speak so highly of the Diva cup. Now I'm just miserable and in pain. I would hate for this investment to have been a total waste. If anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it.
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup
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