mynameisgaby (mynameisgaby) wrote in menstrual_cups,

what would be the best option for me

I'm 16, a virgin and have used tampons. i am comfortable with tampons, however, i have a hard time inserting them all the way without any pain. as far as locating my cervix im not sure exactly how to do that and i am definitely not comfortable with the idea of masturbation to find it since it goes against my faith. how exactly would i do that? i am really intrigued with the idea of using a cup and the fact that it can help with cramps sounds awesome since i sometimes have really bad ones. my period does not last that long and the second day is usually the heaviest with me needing tochange my tampon in as little as every three or four hours. i'm five foot seven and around 125 pounds. so any and all advice would be appreciated. i also don't have a lot of money to try numerous cups.
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