ozonemama (ozonemama) wrote in menstrual_cups,


So I am at a loss right now and hope someone out there can help me.  I am on my second cycle using a cup. The first cycle I used a Lg Ladycup with minimal problems, which I just attributed to the dreaded learning curve. This cycle I got a Naturalmamma cup because I was looking for something with a bigger capacity. I can't seem to make either cup work at all this cycle and I am losing my mind. I have tried putting the cups high, low, used different folds, insertion positions. Nothing I do seems to work.  I don't think either cup is unfolding all the way but nothing I do will make them pop open. I didn't have this issue last month, but it seems like after I insert it there is suction, but the thing is suctioned closed...to itself.

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