kamirose (kamirose) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Unable to boil my menstrual cup. What should I do?

So on Sunday I will be flying out to Japan for a quarter abroad that will last for three months.  I'll be staying in dorms, along with other people from my American university.  Since I won't have much room in my luggage, I won't be able to bring my own pot, which means I won't be able to boil my DivaCup (using the communal dorm pot to boil my cup seems pretty gross...)

So, that said, I won't be able to boil my cup for three months.  Does that mean I will have an increased chance of an infection? I have the DivaWash stuff and I clean my cup with that before and after each cycle, as well as when I empty the cup out.  I don't really want to have to buy a pot when I'm over there, so I was wondering what you guys suggest I do?  Should I just suck it up and wear pads for three months?

I also don't know the Japanese words for stuff like Hydrogen Peroxide, etc, so I'm not sure about chemical disinfecting.

Edit: I don't want to buy a pot while I'm there, as I will only be there for three months and will just have to leave it there when I'm done because of limited luggage space.
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - boiling, divacup, dorms, travel
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