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First time user? Advice please?

Hello :)

So I by a stroke of luck found this forum...and about the usefulness of menstrual cups.  I've been debating on using one for quite some time...but I am not truly sure which one to get...?  I'm 23, still a virgin, but I've been using tampons for years.  They just leave me dry and sore though after my period so I'm sticking back to pads until I start doing the 4 periods a year plan this summer. 

But I've been super intrigued by this idea of menstrual cups...my mother thinks its gross, but I'm all for using something a lot more friendly to the environment...

my only concern is, I'm worried about maybe what cup will be best for me?  Yearly exams are sometimes painful for me, but just with the speculum (sorry if that's TMI) part.  The rest of the exam is fine and i have never had any problems with getting fingers (more than one) up inside me (again, sorry if TMI).

Any virgin cup users out there who have any advice for me?  I've been looking and debating between the Diva Cup and Lady Cup...but leaning more towards the Diva Cup since it's FDA approved and sold in the US (I've somewhat cautious about overseas products sometimes). 

Any advice would be much appreciated :) 
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