Jenn (nakedfaery) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My cup experiences - happy + long

I thought I'd share my experiences with cups to give those of you who have hit roadblocks a bit of hope!

Small mooncup UK - far too thick with too stiff a rim, was uncomfortable and made me want to pee all the time

Lunette - same problem with stiffness

Ladycup small - comfortable but too difficult to remove

Divacup - closest I've ever got to a good cup, but uber suction made it uncomfortable for me

Sort of gave up after that and stuck with cloth pads for a while.

Had my 2nd baby 4 months ago, a VBAC. Got my period back very quickly despite BF. Used one tampon, hated it. So decided to have one last ditch attempt at trying a cup.

Looked at a lot of pictures, comparison charts etc. Eventually decided to go for the NaturalMama cup from I chose it because of its capacity, shape, softness and tab like stem. I struck gold, it's very comfortable and for the first time I have a cup that I forget is in!

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