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Cracks and Chronic Leaking

Hi all,

I'm 19 years old and have been using a Diva Cup for about 3 years now. I have had trouble with leaking almost every cycle. The first few days (my heavy days) I leak constantly. It's not after a certain amount of time or after it fills to a certain spot... it just leaks as soon as I put it in. Sometimes when I remove it there is almost no blood inside. And it's definitely not just "residual slobber"--it's enough that I have to wear a pad. My cervix is still pretty high on those days, and I know that I'm getting a good seal. I insert the same way on my not-so-heavy days and I never have leakage. (By the way, even on those rare occasions when it doesn't leak on my heavy days during the day, it always leaks at night--but not on my lighter days).

I'm really frustrated because it's been so long and I really want cups to work! I had never tried turning it inside out before today--it's still leaking even though it's inside out. However, when I was flipping it inside out and back, I noticed a small crack right above one of the holes. It's not touching the hole but it runs all the way over the top. I'm not sure if it happened when I was flipping it or if it's been there a long time. To be frank, I usually don't inspect my cup much, just stick it in. So maybe that's what has been causing my problems all along? I'm not sure whether I should get a new cup, because of the crack (I'm considering a larger Diva even though I'm 19 and a virgin, just because of my really heavy flow. I seem to have plenty of room to fit a larger cup, and I do think the shape of the Diva is good for me--longer and a little thinner.)

I hope this question isn't repetitive--I've read through lots of questions and I'm still clueless as to what my problem could be. Thanks so much for your help!
Tags: cup lifespan, divacup, leakage & spotting
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