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First cycle with a cup - loving the lunette selene

Just wanted to share my experience switching to a cup for any readers thinking about switching.  And because I'm excited :-)

I decided to get the small Lunette Selene and I think I made a good choice.  I trimmed the stem to about half of it's original size after it bothered me during a dry run.  I figured I'd use it this week as is to see if I want to keep the short stem or completely remove it (so far I think it can stay).  Insertion is slightly uncomfortable at the start, but I think finding a folding technique that makes it thinner would remedy that.  It popped open easily enough, sometimes I had to twist it a bit, but still didn't take much effort.  Once in place I did not feel it at all and it stayed suctioned in place.  With a tampon I would not feel it at first but after a while it would start to slide down and bother me.  There was no leaking with the cup, just a little more spotting than I would normally see with a tampon.  It makes sense though, a tampon will absorb any liquid all around the sides, while the cup will just collect any new liquid from the top.  The spotting was pretty clearly oxidized and was likely on the side of the cup underneath the rim where it couldn't be trapped.  But the spotting was still so minimal that I didn't even need a panty liner.  The small selene lasted for 10 hours before it got full on my heaviest flow day, if I had gotten a large it might last me another 2 hours but I didn't want to risk comfort for less emptying.  I could tell when it was full, I guess about the same way I can tell when I need a new tampon, but the cup still did an excellent job of holding liquid whereas an over-soaked tampon would have ended in a huge mess.  10 hours is still excellent though, I would go through a super plus tampon in about half that time.  Removing it was easier then the dry run.  If I bear down and pinch the base it comes out without too much effort.  Cleaning it was easy too, I just rinsed with water (skipped the soap on the cup, washed hands with soap before removal), and put it back in.

Overall I am very happy with the lunette and use of a cup in general.  I don't have to remember to take extra tampons to work with me  anymore (I never failed to forget them and since I work long 12 hour days it was always a disaster), I don't have to buy tampons anymore, I don't have to send all those little applicators and wrappers to a landfill, I don't have to run to the bathroom as often, and the cup really is far more comfortable than tampons.  Where have these things been all my life??

I also decided to test out some different washable cloth pantiliners/pads. So far I have some from party in my pants (PIMP), pink lemonade shop on etsy made with minky & fleece, and sckoon organic cotton.  Another one from ecoAlternatives is on its way, made of bamboo.  The sckoon's are day pads that I probably won't use often, they are super super soft but very thick and bulky, I have them for days when I can't or don't want to use a cup.  The pink lemonade liners are also super soft and comfy, as thick as 2 layers of fleece so not too bulky.  The fleece on the back helps keep them from sliding around.  The PIMPs are very very thin, not quite as soft to the touch but not uncomfortable at all.  In fact, the PIMPs are almost invisible, I can hardly feel their presence which makes them great for work clothes.  They are waterproof/leakproof which is nice but the backing is slippery so they do slide around a bit compared with the fleece backed one.  Does anyone have a favorite cloth pantiliner used as cup backup that I should try?

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