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Insteads Softcup Review

Review on Insteads Softcups

Short version:
WELP. They are better than tampons but I pretty much hate them!

Long version:
I am a long time user of a diva cup, but I think it fell out of my bag while staying at my boyfriend's parents house over Christmas and I cannot afford to purchase a new one right now. I'm just getting off the depo shot so my period is crazy long and heavy right now and tampons were just NOT working (but I DESPISE them.) I purchased a box of Insteads as a more affordable option to help me ride out this crazy cycle.

I really don't like them.

*Despite being quite huge, they are actually quite comfortable. Can't feel them at all.
*Easy to insert
*Despite the package saying they are one time use, I find that they are actually useable for more than 12 hours, saving me money.
*They are pretty affordable (although not as affordable as just buying a cup over long term, but in a pinch!)

* Despite being quite huge, they sure don't hold a lot. 12 hours my ass.
* Because of the way it sits, every time I use the restroom, it falls and leaks all over. Not a big deal, as it is into the toilet, but then I have to use my finger to stick it back up into place which creates a messy finger. Also not a big deal if i'm at home, but in a public bathroom, it causes problems.
* Not so easy to remove. I find the whole process way more messy than tampons or the cup.
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