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Don't like the diva cup, and looking for advice about which one to buy next

Hi all, I first want to say how deeply grateful I am that this community exists - it has so much great information, and I wouldn't have known anything other than the diva and mooncup existed without it!
I am fairly new to all of this, and am looking for some advice from anyone who feels they can give it. I'm looking for help in deciding which cup to buy.
I have the small diva cup, as that was the only one I knew existed when I bought it at a health food store over a year ago. I have a serious love/hate relationship with the diva cup. I love the idea of it, but have soo much trouble getting it in correctly. Once it's in, I don't really have any issues, no leaking or anything, it's just a matter of getting it in and having it unfold. I end up in the bathroom for 20minutes trying to insert and reinsert, and rewash the thing, with little success. It is amazing once it's in, I just get so frustrated with the whole process that I don't even bother.
After looking at a lot of posts on here, I have realized that the diva cup is the longest cup, and maybe it just isn't the right one for me. I tend to think I have a fairly regularly (not high, not low) placed cervix, but sometimes the diva will get lost up inside me, and I have to push and wait until I can reach it. Other times, the diva cup feels uncomfortable, like it's pressing into me too much. Maybe it's just a matter of proper insertion. It also sometimes feels like it's putting pressure on my bladder, but maybe I'm imagining that.
Anyways, I've decided to get a new cup, and I'm really unsure of which one to get, as I keep reading different things about the benefits and disadvantages of different aspects of them all.
Here's what I want/need from my cup: I don't like the idea of a plastic cup, and would really prefer to get one of the ones that is medical grade silicone (though I'm not totally clear on which ones are made out of what). I like the ball/ring stem that I've seen on the melunas, and am tempted towards getting a meluna, except that I think they might be made of plastic? It doesn't need to have a huge capacity, as I tend to have a medium flow on my first through third day, but after that am very light. I would just as soon have two different cups for the different stages of my period. So maybe one with a medium-large capacity, and one small. I never filled my diva cup even halfway, even when I would leave it in for 12 hours, so I really think a small-medium one will be fine.
I don't know whether to get a softer one or a stiffer one - diva tended to be sort of soft in my opinion, and I was fine with that.. I don't really know which is better as there are a lot of different opinions on that, though I do agree that a soft cup can become hard, but not the other way around. I guess I tend a little on the side of soft.
I need something that's sort of easy to insert/unfold, though maybe it's just a matter of me getting used to it.
Another thing I will say that I didn't like about the diva cup is that the holes are tiny, which makes it very hard to clean, and they get all clogged up very easily.
Thanks for any input or advice, I truly appreciate it, and hope I can do the same for someone else one day. :)

Another note: What do people think of the femmecup? I see they're having a half off sale tomorrow, so that could be good..
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, first time use, popping open, sizes/size issues, vegan/vegeterian

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