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Cup Update & Happiness

For those who read my first post on cups, a brief recap: never pregnant, 22, EXTREMELY sensitive down there (pap smears and tampons yeouch!), low cervix, tilted uterus, super-light flow.

I simply must put out a shameless recommendation for Teresa at Feminine Wear. I literally cannot say enough good things about my experience ordering from her. =D It has been a delight. My order experienced a couple of problems, first with the ordering system -  so she sent me a free small soft Meluna with ball stem with the Si-Bell I had ordered! Then, the wrong size was shipped and when I notified her she immediately sent me out the right size and told me I could go ahead and keep the large! My small Si-Bell should arrive soon because the first shipment only took a week to arrive! She also sends candy, pens, and a pad of paper with each order (I'm a pen fanatic, so I was thrilled of course!), and two flyers you can use to spread the word about cups and cloth pads. =) She is so nice and helpful!

Since the MeLuna she sent me was exactly one of the ones I planned to order later and try (no animal testing,  MeLuna assures), I was so tempted that I had to go ahead and boil it and try it out. It took me about 5 minutes to get it to work for me because with the fancy folds and regular straight back insertion it would not open at all, no matter how much I tweaked it. Solved the problem by reading through Melissa's comments on her blog regarding opening - she mentioned some people intentionally allow it to open halfway in because it works better for them and then work it in the rest of the way. Worked. like. a. charm!

Up until I read about the opening fix I had felt it pressing on my bladder a little and it was slightly uncomfortable but after letting it open a little earlier in the insertion and twisting it up I can barely feel it at all; much less than tampons! (And this is coming from an astounded lifelong pad devotee.) It also doesn't stick out at all except when using the facilities, so it's possible my cervix isn't as low as I thought? I have measured when sitting and it is lower then. I may feel the stem/rings a little and it might be pressing against my cervix a little more than I'd like but it's almost perfect (will know more next cycle). And above and beyond much better than tampons. No dryness, no wet sogginess on the outside, I thought people were being dramatic about it almost being like not having a period, but it's true. o.O It's ridiculously effective!!

I went ahead and ordered the Mini Small MeLuna and when it and my small Si-Bell arrives I can compare the 3 and see which is best. I'll know more about how they feel at the end of the month because this one only arrived in time for me to try it on the 3rd day of my cycle. Still, each time I've removed it it's been about 1/8-1/4 tsp. in it so the Mini will do just fine with my super light flow on the Pill. Oh - and I checked with the MeLuna rep and he says the Minis in S and M will not be going anywhere! =D (Thought us low-cervix ladies should know!)

It's unbelievable how exciting and fun this is to have something cute and pretty to use instead that makes such a drastic difference in feel. I had my doubts, but cups are incredible. I wanted to wait and share what happened with the Si-Bell but I had to bubble over a little early. =) I'll let you know what happens with the Si-Bell (and Mini MeLuna) though! Thanks to all of you guys for the troubleshooting and advice, it's invaluable and helped me feel more confident throughout the whole process! <3
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