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Teething Troubles. Again?

Due to the Beyaz I'm on, I've had to become a continual use gal with my OrangeCup. And I feel like I'm worse off than I was when I first started using cups!!

I am constantly leaking. And it is doubley frustrating because I'm not even bleeding. Just mud-spotting. So, it's annoying that it isn't going into the cup.

I can't figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong, but it's really annoying me. Cups are so amazing and make me so happy. But I'm just frustrated. I insert, reinsert, position, test the seal. Everything.


I'm not giving up. Just feeling whiney. I can't figure out why I'm having so many problems all of the suddent.
Tags: coloured lady cups, continuous use, teething troubles
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