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Newbie problems - help!

Hello! I have a Mooncup (UK) and this is my first cycle using it, I've used it for three days. I have no problems inserting it now. However, it is so difficult to remove and it leaks a lot and so far has not been worth the trouble, which I'm really disappointed about because I hate using disposable products! It also has not gotten any easier throughout the eight or so times I've removed it.

At first it was causing a lot of irritation to my vagina because of the stem, so I gradually cut off about half of the stem, and now it's no longer irritating, but it takes so long to reach the cup in order to take it out. I've tried bearing down, relaxing, etc. all the stuff that everyone has recommended, but still it has never taken less than half an hour (!) to get it out! Just now it took almost 45 minutes and even though I'm sort of folding it back into a C-fold before taking it out, it's painful and I think the suction is still holding. Every time I can almost reach the stem, I try to move my fingers up so I can get a better grip on the base, but then it just slides up again; or I try to slide a finger up alongside it to reach over the rim, but this just ends up pushing it back in. I'm really at the end of my tether with this cup and I'm using a tampon right now because I couldn't bring myself to go through another extremely frustrating 45-minute removal process while about 10 other people on my hallway are probably waiting for the bathroom!

That said, I know the seal is good when I put it in, and I can't understand why it would be leaking. I also don't have the money to afford another cup - this is actually the second one I've bought (I got a Keeper last year and was unable to even insert it, so it sat on my shelf for a year until I decided to buy another cup and try again!)

I really don't know what to do anymore - it seems like the more times I try, the longer it takes to get it out! I'm tired of it being such a long and painful process which isn't even worth it because it leaks. But I really want it to work out, because I don't like using tampons. Help??
Tags: chafing/irritation, first time use, leakage & spotting, removal - painful or problems
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