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First Experience with a Cup - Lunette Selene

After quite a bit of reading on this community page and Melissa's website I finally purchased my first cup and got it in the mail the other day.  I was debating between a MeLuna and Lunette, but decided to go with the Lunette when I saw it go on sale on Green Deals.  The main reason I was interested in MeLuna was the option to get a ball stem or no stem, but the capacity of the small lunette was still much larger than the medium MeLuna so I don't have to empty it all the time.  I can always trim the stem, plus I like the packaging better, it's FDA approved, and they do not test on animals (my furry babies approve!).

Did a dry run today and learned a few things.  First I am *so* glad I went with the small despite Lunette's website sizing guide suggesting I needed a large.  Anything longer than the model 1 lunette would be way too long for me.  I also learned I will need to trim the stem, which doesn't surprise me considering I typically cut off most of the string from tampons because they bother me.  Lastly, I was surprised at how strong the suction was!  It was slightly difficult to remove due to the suction, and pinching the base alone did not do the trick.  I found that bearing down and twisting the cup as I pulled on the base seemed to work.  Is that the right way to do it?  Maybe there's a better trick?

The other thing I'm wondering is what soap people use to wash their cups with.  I have plenty of Johnson's baby wash on hand but I read in a previous post someone had issues using baby wash.  Does anyone use inexpensive soap/wash available at grocery stores or pharmacies (like CVS)?  It's hard to find gentle, perfume free soap in stores these days.  Baby wash is the most gentle product I can think of, but upon reading the label it does have some perfume in it.  
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