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Glitter Meluna and Yeast infection like Symptoms?

Hello community,

Its been a while since I've posted...I've had no problems to bug you guys with :) That dreaded learning curve has been defeated with a few changes to folds, and a little better cervix-locating technique post-insertion to fight slobber and misplacement. I learned to live with that little bit of water that ends up in my cup when swimming, most of which has been remedied with some pelvic floor strength-training (GO KEGELS!)....So mostly I'm a happy camper when it comes to my cups.

BUT I was curious to see if anyone was having issues with Meluna Glitter cups...

I had stopped using mine on account of some yeast-infection like symptoms I thought may have been caused by the cup. Two cycles in a row I experienced some yeast infection like symptoms after using my Medium Meluna glitter. When I first started using cups I would swap between a few, especially to use a small Meluna classic at the end of my period, but for these two problematic cycles I only used my Medium Glitter. The irritating symptoms start a day or two after my period ended and would go away after a couple days of garlic clove therapy. Since switching over to my back up Fleur I've had no issues.

Perhaps theres something about pockets around exposed glitter particles not getting thoroughly cleaned?... I remember seeing some glitter fall out from the trimmed stem area, and even one on the inside of the cup. Perhaps it was just a coincidence?

I was convinced enough to toss my cup... but hesitated to do so since I'm kind of fond of the glitter and the soft texture.

So, has anyone else experienced irritations after using a glitter cup?

Tags: cleaning, health risks, meluna, meluna - soft, yeast infections

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