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Jessalyn Whitlock
Jessalyn Whitlock

fairly new cup user...having problems :-/

I've had my small lunette cynthia for about 6 months now, and in that 6 months i've only actually inserted it 2 times. pathetic i know. the first time was a dry run, my friend who is a cup user suggested pleasuring myself before inserting and it was RIDICULOUSLY easy to insert that time, removal was pretty easy too. the second time was at my friends house, i forced myself to relax and insert it because we were going to her grandparents beach house and we would be swimming, i didn't want to insert it there so i put it in in like 1 minute. it was a little bit painful but i used a little bit of water-based lube and got it in while in a full squat position. i couldn't feel it very much unless i moved my legs really far while swimming. removal was a different story, it took almost 10 minutes, it hurt like all hell and i felt like screaming every time i tried to take it out. it felt like i was giving birth. (ok..maybe not that bad..). i finally got it out and my crotch was sore for almost an hour after that.

i should probably mention that i'm a virgin, i'm 15 years old, and i'm NOT a tampon user, never used one. i use pads, and i really hate them. they feel hot during the even when i change them frequently, they give me a rash when i wear them for several days, and i can feel the fluid streaming out of me in little clots every once in a while to the point where i shudder. 

recently i've been working on getting my cup in again after that crappy experience at my friends house. i get to the point where i get it mostly in, and i know i can get it in, but all of the sudden it makes this revolting suction noise and it feels like it's pumping air into my vagina and i want to throw up because it feels so gross! i know i sound like a drama queen but i just don't like weird feelings down there, it doesn't go in smoothly, it suctions the air and pushes on the sides of my vaginal opening and pops open too early and it hurts :(

some help please? mostly about the suction thing. thank you so much in advance! i would love to use cups instead of environmentally UNfriendly pads! 

Additional info: i just had this intense inspiration to go in the bathroom and try it out as i'm on my period now, but i had incredible pain. i tried inserting like 15 times, each time i would get it about halfway in and then either chicken out, feel too much pain, feel really uncomfortable, or it would pop open too soon. then on the last try i thought i had it so i moved my fingers down and let it pop open halfway but i had released it too soon, and it popped all the way open and BURNED. just...oww. please help? ahaha i'm starting to lose hope :-/
Tags: age, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lubricant, popping open, removal - painful or problems, teething troubles, virginity

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