sapphrikah (sapphrikah) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"Residual slobber"... or?

Okay, so I recently bought a DivaCup, size 1. My first period since I've bought it started yesterday. Having expected my period and getting cramps, I put my cup in before I actually started bleeding. It seems that the first time I had a good seal, but the next 5 times I tried, it would leak. When I would realize it was leaking, I'd take it out and it would have a good amount of blood in it but still be leaking. I'm pretty sure that my cervix is low (after much research and poking around) and that I was sort of pushing my cup past it. Now that I know exactly where my cervix is, I think I AM getting a good seal now, but even when I run my finger around my cup and see that it is just below my cervix, after I replace the cup in and walk around a bit, I get a little leakage. This makes me bolt back to the bathroom and check its position again with my finger, and I'm pretty sure the cup is still below my cervix, in fact I'm pretty sure my cervix is sitting in the cup a bit. So is that little bit of blood that leaked out what you'd call "residual slobber" or am I still having leakage issues?
Tags: leakage & spotting

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