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20 February 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Hi, I've been poking around this group for a few months.  I'm 35yo, NP, have an IUD and am a new Meluna Classic Medium user.  I thought I'd put my info on here in case anyone finds it helpful.  The information here was invaluable to finding a comfy cup, thank you!

With the Mirena IUD I no longer menstruate, just a little spotting, but it causes regular discharge.  No kids and my vaginal muscles are pretty tight so I got a smallish diameter cup for daily use.  The Meluna medium is great: I can't feel it and it's not so small that it leaks.  Normally my cervix is pretty high but lately it's been hanging out further down, and the cup fits either way.

I like the ring stem, it's comfy and easy to grab onto.  I have osteoarthritis so can't use many folds, the C fold works well.  Occasionally it's hard to get the cup to pop open but "jiggling" it up and down or pushing on the fold helps pop it open.  I remove, wash, and reinsert in the shower and find that squatting is my best insertion "pose."