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Wanting a Cup

After lurking and going through dozens of posts I still feel like I need advice and answers on my particular journey to cup happiness. :) I found a cup forum but it is mainly very inactive and finding this active community has made me excited because I've been waiting for over a month to get my cup while I agonize over different ones (I know, impatient, but I haven't been this excited about my period since 11 years ago). XD Hopefully someone can help me.

Cutting to the chase.

I have a very low cervix (I start to feel it half an inch to an inch in when I'm on my period) and I have a retroverted (tilted) uterus. I have never had children, never been pregnant and I am married and on the Pill (hopefully that will change soon) so my period is very light-light or no more than barely medium (on my heaviest day I don't even fill up a whole pad). When not on my period I can feel the beginning of my cervix about 2.5-3 inches in.

I am VERY sensitive. Figuring out I have a low cervix was a breakthrough moment for me because it helped me understand part of why I hated tampons so much and preferred pads - I was essentially stabbing my cervix. They also feel incredibly dry and painful to insert and remove for me (horrible, awful things!!). I must sound silly for wanting a cup (:P) but I'd like one for ease in travel, camping, backpacking, etc. so I don't have to pack lots of cloth pads/rags and I hear they are much more comfortable than those beastly tampons.

Melissa suggested Lunette, Si-Bell, soft MeLuna and Fleurcup, but Fleurcup seems nearly identical but not as soft as Si-Bell from what I've read and has more textures on it, not to mention being very difficult to get a hold of so I have omitted that one. Lunette I fear doesn't have consistency across the board in terms of softness in both sizes so if I ever need to go up a size I would likely need to switch brands, but that's not necessarily a deal-breaker, just an inconvenience. Si-Bell/Lunette's lengths concern me a little but I don't know if they're too long or not...

What would feel the least noticeable in terms of both shortest length and softness, and any other factor crucial for my situation? Another question I only found vague answers to was regarding the Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE in MeLuna cups - what makes this material different from medical-grade silicone? That's a big concern of mine, is how "safe" TPE is. I also read that some of these companies may test on animals? = /

The only other things I can think of is that measuring lines would sure be nice but none of the short/soft cups appear to have them, and I would prefer a clear cup because of questions over color safety in addition to being able to gauge flow better with clear. Comfort is clearly (no pun intended) top priority, however! Thanks so much for getting through all this. =)
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