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Cup leaks all the time

Hi everyone.

I got my Mooncup UK a couple of days before this period...I tried it out on a "dry run" when I first got it, and it seemed to work find.

I've also worn it the days when I expected to get my period.

Each time, it's seemed to collect fluids very well, though I hadn't actually started my period at the time.

Since I've started, however, it's leaked almost constantly. I've gotten it to seal and hold fluids once - the first time I put it in, quickly, in a public toilet, at work. It was in for about 6 hours, and collected to about a third full.

The other couple of times I've put it in, it's only been a tiny tiny bit full, and there has been blood clogging the holes, and all over the outside of the cup. I'm curious as to why this is feels like my cup has popped open enough, and it feels like there is a seal.

The second time it leaked was overnight (last night), and thankfully I had a pad on just in case. I can understand that maybe the seal broke, because I was doing crunches just before I went to bed (but after I had put the cup in). The time before, though, I was only sitting down.

Any ideas? I'm currently using the C-fold, because I don't have any problems squeezing it in.

I haven't felt for my cervix or anything like that, because the times it was working, it was fairly low.
Tags: first time use, insertion - folding methods, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), popping open, seal & suction, sleeping, sports/physical activities

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