Darling Nikki (jessiebanana) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Darling Nikki

Victory is mine for the taking!

The old shape MeLuna is so much better for me. Words can't even describe. I used the small classic ball stem today because I was in a rush and I wanted to pop it in before I went to work, before my period started. It opened instantly and the tapered shape was easy to get positioned even "dry". I'll try the softs I have tomorrow. I get the feeling even they'll be easier to open since the pointed bottom won't be as pinched.
***Edit: I was right the MeLuna soft was just as easy to open. I love the old shape. It makes life so much easier. I still do think it's because the bottom of the cup doesn't get pinched.

Despite using the classic, I feel it even less than the new shape soft. I don't know if it's because it's less material? Also, since it's shorter I don't have to struggle with pushing it all the way up to keep it from sticking out, which means less irritation. I can turn it and reach around the edge of the cup with no effort. I guess since my cervix is so low it's still really easy to bear down and pull it out.

I'm keeping the mediums for the future, in case my flow changes or I have any kids, but I can't imagine needing another shape cup.

Question! I bought GladRags pantyliners in the mean time to wear until I perfect wearing a cup, but they're a little wide. I was wondering if anyone knew of a brand of cloth pantyliners that was thinner in width? Is it possible to shrink them? I'm petite and I've always had a narrow crotch area. Also I got two in my box of one, has that happened to anyone else?
Tags: first time use, meluna, meluna - soft, pads - cloth, success stories

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