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Cup getting stuck on cervix?

I've been using my cup for about 6 months now.  I don't use it all the time because the bathrooms at work aren't private enough, and sometimes my cramps are so bad the the idea of sticking anything up there makes be cringe.  However, I do use it fairly consistently and LOVE IT when I do.  I am still on my learning curve, but I'm determined to keep with it. 

I've had a problem twice now getting it out.  The first time this happened I thought the cup (small lunette) was suctioned to my cervix, so I made the holes bigger and that seemed to help until today when I tried to get it out (from last night - it had been in for about 10.5 hours).  I could feel the air coming out of the cup, so I know the problem wasn't suction, but it was STUCK.  It seemed it was so tight on my cervix that it didn't want to budge.  I could get a finger to the rim (by squatting on the floor), but it took several tries to get the cup off of/away from my cervix.  Finally, I was able to get it into a punch-down fold and get it out, but I don't think that I should have this problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Would a cup with a bigger/smaller rim, or a bigger/smaller cup work?

About me:  I'm a virgin, but I don't have a hymen anymore (thanks, menstrual cup!).  I have a fairly low cervix (had to trim the stem of my small lunette because it was poking out a bit).  My flow is generally reallly heavy on about day 3, but moderate/light the rest of the time.  

Additionally, when I took my cup out today, I noticed that it and what was in it smelled a bit like vinegar.  I think this might be a completely different issue (about which I might need to see my doc), but it does also concern me and if anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate that as well.  

I've read a good bit on the sight and I don't think I'm duplicating a post, but if I am I apologize for that.  
Tags: lunette, removal, seal & suction, teething troubles
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