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Post baby leaking and brand questions

i'm so happy to find this community!  I have been having some issues with my cup (s) and need some help and advice. I found the cup love in between the births of my two boys and was mostly successful with my mooncup uk for several years. I would leak from time to time, but nothing that required a pad or cause too much mess.   However, after the birth of my second son (first vaginal birth after a successful VBAC) I have been striking out big time.  Major leaking and I'm dumbfounded on what to do.  I've tried different folds and tried different insertion techniques like popping open low and scooting vs pooping up high, etc.  Inserting fold to back, etc

I ended up getting a diva cup large on sale one day but have had worse luck with that. I can get it to pop open, but it doesn't seem to be getting a good seal. As far as I can tell, my cervix is medium height as I can always reach it with my finger all the way inserted. I have to wear a pad all the time in addition to the cup. For a while I wouldn't even have anything in the cup when I removed it, but I havehad more luck since then, but it's always been about a third filled up.  I don't think my cervix is filling the cup too much, and it doesn't seem like it moves around too much. 

I know this question has been asked a million times before, but I feel overwhelmed with all the options.  Is the a better cup for me? I'm working hard to make this work for me, but I'm getting frustrated by the mess!  My flow is rather heavy on the first day but then medium after that. 

Thanks in advance!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), postpartum, seal & suction
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