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Troubled Newbie

Hi! I'm 32 and completely new to the menstrual cup experience. I've been lurking here, as well as reading and researching them for awhile now, and I finally decided on a large Lunette Aine. I haven't had a child, but I am not a virgin and I've always tended to have a very heavy flow and almost always use super size tampons. Yesterday I started my period and so, with great excitement, prepared my cup for use and inserted. Insertion was a tad uncomfortable at first, but I seemed to adjust quickly and had no further problems. That night I tried to remove it, to see how things were going. I could not get it.
Now, I feel I should admit that while I am certainly not a virgin, I am single and not regularly sexually active. Not a lot goes on down there, haha! I also have an extremely small canal and an extremely long vagina. Even a single finger is quite a tight fit and I have never been able to touch my cervix. I swear it's nearly possible for things to get lost in there, haha! And it seems my cup was trying to manage it. Between being hardly able to get two fingers in and how far up the stem was, I just couldn't grasp it! So I decided not to panic... that I'd relax, go to bed and deal with it again when I took my shower in the morning.
This morning however, didn't prove any easier. The cup was full and overflowing (my cup runneth over!), so getting it out was pretty necessary. So, I relaxed. I squatted in the shower (not easy with a sprained ankle, btw.) I tried a birthing position. I used my rather strong kegels and could push the stem to the tips of my fingers, but could not reach to break the seal. I tried a lubed spoon. I tried gloves. I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it... I even had to call into work to tell them I was going to be late! This went on for an hour before, using a cloth glove on my left hand to keep a grip, I was able to pull the stem just far enough to make enough of a indentation at the base with a finger on my right hand to break the seal and pull the dang thing out! Then it looked like a murder scene, and I was beyond sore and tired. Then I put in a small tampon and went to work.
The thing is, I still LOVE the idea of a cup. I want to use it... but I can't go through that kind of struggle every time I need it out. Is my tiny canal and abyss of a vagina going to keep me from cup-bliss?! Is it my choice of cup? Any ideas, suggestions, supportive comments? I'd love to try again, but I'm feeling a little weary.
Tags: first time use, heavy blood flow, lunette, removal, removal - painful or problems

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