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Where were these things 20 years ago??????

I have just completed my first cycle with a menstrual cup. I must admit that I found it very easy, much easier than I expected. When I first got my period 25 years ago, I was given pads. I never liked them and always had a heavy flow; I was to find out 15 years later that it was endometriosis. My periods from the ages of 11-26 would last between 9 and 12 days. My mother who is a devout Catholic (and a nurse BTW) was dead set against tampons because they could make you sick and only my future husband’s penis should go up there. Like I said I hated pads, they smelled horrible, were messy, were completely uncomfortable and not the most discreet item to have to carry in my schoolbag. My mother’s advice for heavy days- wear 2 super sized ones, I am not kidding you (back then you could only buy sizes regular or super- luckily for me).

When I started working at age 19, I immediately switched to tampons- husband or no husband. I was the one buying them so I did not care. I started with the non-applicator ones but was grossed out with how dirty my fingers were and I could never get them in properly, it would hurt. Silly I know, but even though my mother was a nurse I could not go to her for women’s issues and anything remotely sexually related was taboo therefore I was a prude. I became reliant on applicator tampons for the next 15 years and never had a problem so I was happy enough. I should add that my endometriosis was a result of God’s punishment because I don’t pray enough, if you believe Mom.

I am now 36; I am married (therefore I have a husband, lol) and 2 children. I have also become more environmentally conscious and only by chance stumbled across the DivaCup through a Facebook friend’s status. Immediately I was interested in menstrual cups and researched more about them on Google, hence I found this website. I ended up purchasing both the Large Lunette and Large Fleurcup- mainly due to capacity, cheap prices, cheap shipping and size.

I had read about other users’ first time experiences so I inserted them in the shower with the push-down method. Now even though I am sexually active and better aware of my body, I am still not completely comfortable with it so putting something foreign up there was a little daunting. However, I had no problems whatsoever, it did not hurt. I went swimming on my second day and was out almost all day on the third. Now, I do not know if this is all in my mind but I had no menstrual cramps at all, usually I have to drink a specially formulated herbal tea for relief- for this cycle I did not even touch it. What a fantastic invention- where was this product in 1994? I feel guilty spending all that money over the years and adding unnecessary waste to landfill (I won’t include 1986-93 because that was out of the question). I won’t be using applicator tampons anymore that’s for sure.

Now for my reviews:
Large Lunette- I found it a little harder to insert than the Fleurcup but easier to remove. Very comfortable.
Large Fleurcup- I found it easier to insert than the Lunette but a little harder to remove. Very comfortable.
Both are winners in my opinion and I cannot decide which one I prefer, the squishiness factor does not seem to bother me either. I had no problems at all.

Finally I would like to add, especially for all the environmentally conscious cup users out there. I am proud to say that I am able to re-use my menstrual blood as well. I simply add it to my bokashi composting system. Since you can throw in meat, bones, hair, nail clippings etc- why not menstrual blood? I feel so much better now that I am doing that bit extra- not only for myself and my bank balance but also for the environment in ways that I would never have thought possible a couple of months ago.

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