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Newbie Problems

Hi everyone,
   I've been lurking and reading posts here for about two months now- researching while I decided what kind of cup I wanted to buy. I finally decided on a small Lunette and a medium soft MeLuna (I got both because I wasn't sure about the size). I received the Lunette last night and currently have my period so I got to work right away...unfortunately I'm having problems already.

Quick background: 27, virgin, low cervix (which is why I went for the smaller soft cups despite the fact that I have a pretty heavy flow for 7 days). I have a very tight vaginal canal (can barely fit two fingers inside comfortably and the few times I've tried tampons was painful and I could always feel them poking the back of my uterus when I sat down) and was nervous to even try a cup, but I'm also very stubborn and was tired of feeling guilty for the volume of sanitary napkins I was sending to linger in a landfill (and tired of spending so much money on them every month) so I went ahead anyway and ordered the two cups.

Insertion was about as uncomfortable as I expected, but my real problem is I can't get it to pop open. I've tried spinning it, tried letting it open earlier (painful!), and tried pressing a finger alongside it to let in air. I can't get the cup to spin no matter how much I twist it so I was focusing on the last method, which is logistically problematic because of how tight I am. Also because my cervix is fairly low I can't seem to get the cup far enough up past my pelvic bone (the bone constantly puts a dent in the bottom of the cup). When I gave up trying to fix that problem (which should only result in slightly less holding capacity, right? I'm also hoping the other cup will fit a little better...) and finally was able to get a finger alongside the cup wherever I pushed the cup would collapse/fold in that place. I'd try pressing lightly in another place, both more towards the bottom of the cup and as high as I could reach to towards the top to let air in and I could feel it instead fold or collapse in that place. When I take it out it's still folded so unless it's doing that on its own its not opening up even a little while inserted. I've tried a few different folds as well and none seem to do any better than the others. I know (or would assume) it just needs to get more air inside, but I have no idea how to make that happen- fitting my finger in seems to make a seal of itself and keeps the air out.

I hadn't read of anyone having this particular problem so I apologize if it's been addressed somewhere else- I did try to look....but any advice would be well appreciated. I'm sadly a little late in properly getting to know my body on a more intimate level, so I could also just be going about this in entirely the wrong way. I'm starting to think I may have a tilted uterus...?

Thank you for any and all advice. =)
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, lunette selene, popping open, seal & suction

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