daimere (daimere) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleur Cup

I think I may cry.  My dog, who seems to be obsessed with my period blood, grabbed my cup out of the sink and ate it.  I was hoping it had just ate the stem.  No, rip down the side/bottom.  I thought lunette was perfect for me but I keep going back to Fluer cup because even with an unshaved stem, perfect.  Perfect size, perfect popability, perfect for my body.  This was a fluercup that I got a few years ago.  I haven't been keeping up to date on cups.  I was just skimming the fluercup tag and did they change the cups?  I don't like ladycups because they seem too soft for me to be able to pop open.  Are the new fluercups like the ladycup in softness?  I guess for now I will have to look for my lunette (don't know where it is currently) and shave more of the stem to see if it will work better.
Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup

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