Michelle (pinkdagger) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Has this happened to anyone's cup?

Hello fellow cup enthusiasts,

I have two cups, both of which I love - a small Diva Cup (coming on 5 years old) and a medium blue ball-stem MeLuna (I can't remember how old it is, but if anyone remembers a woman named Kelly, I believe, doing bulk MeLuna orders, I was in her first or second batch so it may have been 2-3 years ago).

Within the last few months, I noticed that the inside of my MeLuna felt a bit rough and I saw bits of white look like they were flaking off. I couldn't scrub the white stuff off and I can't scratch it off. Yesterday, I took my cup out on a non-period day and noticed a strange smell almost like sour milk. The smell lingers from within the cup even now.

I haven't had any discomfort or itching and I don't believe I have any infections. I've been using my Diva Cup since I woke up today and haven't had any issue or smell with that, nor any problems while sleeping last night without a cup. Has this happened to anyone else's cup, or anyone know what it is/if my cup will still be usable, and what I could/should do? Pictures of the inside of the cup under the cut.

(You can see what looks like bubbles from the outside, which are the white bits inside)


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