melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

NaturalMamma Cup! Lots Of Pictures!

The lady who owns the Italian NaturalMamma Cup (Luisa) sent me a sample of the cup, so I just wanted to post some photos here for everyone.  No tags for it yet, so I guess we need a new tag for this one? :)

Just made the video today, trying to get it edited so I can post it.  Also made videos for the Iriscup sample I got, and Si-Bell samples, and the newer Melunas.  Those, along with JuJu will soon be added to the photo comparison library, and I will also be updating the charts.  Working hard to get it all done for everyone.  I will post when its all done, with links. 

Anyway, this cup is nice :)  Its a bit softer, I would say somewhere between medium soft Meluna, and Si-Bell.  Great capacity, its longer.  Body is almost same length as Diva.  But the stem is actually longer than Diva's.  In some photos, the silicone looks tinted, but actually its not.  Its a nice, clean, clear silicone, like Diva, Lunette, etc.  Mine came with a cute yellow zip-up pouch.  The pouch has "Green Donna" on it, but the owner assured me this has NO association with the Green Donna cup company, she simply chose the name to represent an eco-friendly product, but she may change it. This cup is great for high-cervix people!  Here are some pics, enjoy :)


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