rambler (time_it_was) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking with lunette selene size 2

Hi everyone. I have been a lurker for probably over a year now. Finally, a couple months ago I decided to get a Lunette selene size 2 cup. I have had a child, I'm 22, and am sexually active. First of all I LOVE the menstrual cup even though it does leak some it is still WAY better than soaking a pad. HOWEVER, no matter how I try to situate it it still leaks through out my entire period, even when it is nowhere near full. I don't know if this cup is maybe too small or my vaginal canal is mishapen because there is always a little space on one side of the cup, but the rim of the cup seems as though it is suctioned.

Any tips for getting a better seal? It would be awesome to not have to wear pads at all. It is still nice to basically just spot on the pad the whole period, but would be ideal to just wear the cup. I can't imagine a period without it!

Thank you everyone for all the information that lead me to the decision to try the cup in the first place=)

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