ohletmetelu (ohletmetelu) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Hello cup lovers,

I'm the high cervix-ed owner of two cups. A large Fleurcup & large Diva. I used to love my cups but lately my vagina is super sensitive. It doesn't want **anything** near it! I don't have that much of a problem once the cup is inserted but insertion and removal are very painful... ouch! I'm pretty sure it's the wide rims of these two cups. I also have never figured out how to fold the cup before I remove it. Huh? I usually just tilt the cup back and forth until one of the rims is out and then I remove it.

I've been happy using my cloth pads but there are certain activities that I prefer to do with a cup in (yoga, biking, etc). Does anyone else suffer from very sensitive parts? Any suggestions on a smaller rimmed cup? I have also used a small Yuuki (too short/firm for me) and a large Lunette (caused cramping/pushed on my bladder). I don't want to invest in a new cup just yet because the sensitivity may subside, although it's been 2 months :(

If/when I do decide that I may need a smaller rimmed cup I was thinking of the small Lunette because if I go with a smaller cup I will need a tab stem for removal (tube stems are useless to me and my high cervix).. Thoughts?
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