malificarxlove (malificarxlove) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My First Cycle With A Cup

So I am currently on day 3 of my first cycle with my diva cup. I had started spotting, so I put it in. And what do you know! I put it in perfect that first time! (No night time leaking or anything! And I really don't move too much in my sleep, once I actually fall asleep.) I must say I felt pretty good about myself. But then after I emptied it and put it back in, it didn't go in right and leakage attacked. (But I was prepared, just in case! So that's good!) thus far, I am LOVING my menstrual cup. I've been very slowly, bit by tiny bit taking it off, even though I really don't use it. Not to put it in, not to take it out. I'm pretty sure that since my cervix sits lower on my period (my cup is DEFINITELY sitting a heck of a lot lower than it did on my dry runs) I can cut the stem off completely. But I may wait a couple of days on that, just to be sure. One thing I've noticed, though. See, when I used tampons, I only used them on my heavy days, and only during the day, and as soon as I got home I would switch to pads (I would get home around 3-4) so I'm thinking my body just... isn't used to having something inside it for so long. It feels almost like... And ache? But it doesn't hurt. It just feels funny. Something else I've noticed is that after I swap it out, about half an hour later I get this weird sucking feeling. But I'm pretty sure I'm putting it in and sealing it well because I hear the cup pop open inside and then run my finger around to check the seal. Does anyone know what that feeling is? Once or twice I thought I'd put it in right (I've been checking my up every so often just for an idea on how much I bleed) and I'd checked, to be sure. But then it suddenly popped open. Very noticeably. Any help?
Tags: chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, insertion, stem length/trimming

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