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Cups and Breakthrough Bleeding

So, three weeks ago was my wonderful time of the month. I was also going from Reclipsen to Beyaz at that time. And I am suffering in a major way. I'm essentially having a second period. I've had breakthrough bleeding all this past week and the joys of cramps that even Percocet won't soothe.

But why this is related to cups: I'm just sooooooooooo grateful for them. I can't imagine what I'd be going through right now if I had to use tampons or pads. I'm not bleeding very much so I'd either be bunched up with a pad, or scraping my insides with a mostly dry tampon.

Thank you cups for making this world a better place! For making me comfortable at this annoying time. For giving me peace of mind.

I love cups!!!

P.S. We should totally make a "cup love" or some such tag. So many of our posts are praising the cup! :D
Tags: coloured lady cups, cramps, health benefits
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