Saráh (whimaway) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New design instead softcup giveaway on my blog, and contemplating getting another cup.


Hi cup users! :) Softcup is sponsoring a GIVEAWAY on my blog right now for 24 of the new design cups. Enter the giveaway via the rafflecopter widget. Please note that you have to follow my blog to enter. People are entering without following and I will have to disqualify them, sorry!

Also I am currently pondering getting a new cup. I like my small lunette and small diva a lot, but I sometimes I wish I had a bit more capacity. I think I have a dangly cervix, because sometimes my diva leaks when it's half full. So I'm thinking about a large lunette or large fleur. I tried the large fleur when they were stiffer and I didn't like it very much at all. It felt very wide and very stiff. I know lunette and fleur are similar in terms of shape, which one do you think is less stiff? Thanks!

P.S. Where's the cheapest place to buy lunette these days?
Tags: fleurcup, instead, lunette
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