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Perfect, round seal, but slightly dented cup?

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the community but have been lurking for about a month now. First of all, I want to thank you all for the wonderful info.  I finally received my new lunette selene size 1 in the mail! Yay! I really want this to work, so I'm hoping you can help me...

I've done 3 dry-runs now (finished my period the day that my lunette arrived!!! :( ). I think I'm getting the hang of insertion - using the C-fold and having no pain at all. But even after reading tons of tips on this community, I still can't tell if it's popped open!  Specifically, the "C" definitely unfolds when I let go, and the rim feels round/oval when I swoop my finger around it. However, it seems that the base of the cup is still somewhat indented on one side? I'm guessing that the suction inside the cup is pulling it inwards, because the seal at the top feels complete. I know I need to break the seal to let air "up" into the cup to make the dent disappear.  Based on previous advice, I've tried inserting my finger alongside the cup, but this isn't working!  The "walls" of my vagina just collapse/squeeze around my finger, so there's no room for air. (FYI, this is also making removal quite tricky. I can't really break the seal until the rim is outside my vagina already.)

Has anyone had this problem - with their vagina hugging their finger too tightly? Is there anything else I can try?

Also, if I can't fix this, will the cup will still "work" if it's dented like this, as long as the rim is sealed properly?

Here's a little info, in case you need it:
I have a very high cervix (at least when I'm not on my period) --can't reach it with my long middle-finger inserted all the way.
Age: 24
Sexually active
No children

Sorry for the long post! Thanks very much! :)

*Edited: my age!  Hah - I forgot I'm not 23 anymore. :P
Tags: insertion

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