moonhoney925 (moonhoney925) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I just placed my first order. Woohoo!

Hello there! I have just placed an order for my first cup- a Lunette Diana: size 2. If anyone is interested I ordered it through a British company called Luneshop- They offer FREE WORLD-WIDE POSTAGE- very convenient indeed. Currently they are out of stock on both sizes of the Lunette Selene though. I paid AUD26.00 which equals GBP17.13 or USD27.54- less than half price (not including postage) if I ordered through (AUD60.00), I thought the price was fantastic.

Now I just have to wait for its arrival and then hope its the right cup for me!

BTW The Fleurcup is on sale for EUR14.99 on all models, all colours on their website if anyone is considering getting one.

Tags: fleurcup, lunette, lunette selene, where to buy

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