mintxplosion (mintxplosion) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trouble with insertion!

Hello fellow cup users!
This is my first post on here so here it goes..
I bought my Mooncup Size B last week and just had the guts to go for a dry run today. Little did I know how dry it would actually be. Lol. I sterilised it and was roaring to go. So I went into a squatting position as I heard this was the best position to put it in and did the punch down fold. To my disappointment, it would not go in because it was dry so I put some water based lubricant on myself and tried again. It went in a bit then I lost control of the mooncup (because my fingers were slippery due to the lubricant) and it came back out so i tried again and again but it still wont go in. Im not a virgin so it should just really slide in, shouldn't it? lol
Do you guys think maybe I should wait till Im on my period because theres more lubrication and its looser  down there or persevere?
Would be delighted if you could me some tips? :)
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion, lubricant

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