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Another one of those which cup to buy questions.

Hi everyone, I had never heard of menstrual cups before until a couple of weeks ago. Now I want one! The problem is which one? I am in my mid-30's and have 2 children (which I carried "high"), I have a history of endometriosis and have been a long time tampon with applicator and panty liner user.

I tend to have a rather heavy flow on the first couple of days of my period and a medium-to-low flow for the next couple then very little for the last (in which case I use panty liners).

The main reasons for me changing to cups are for environmental and economic reasons. This brings me to the question why I have posted this question here. I am not in a great financial position at the moment and I cannot afford to buy half a dozen brands to see which is right for me. Also I live in Australia so postage can be costly too, as most brands are owned and manufactured in the Northern hemisphere- I know the JuJu is from here but they are expensive too AUD60.00, I think because the market here is quite small and I guarantee you about 95% of the Australian population have never heard of cups. Put it this way, you cannot buy them in supermarkets or pharmacies.

I have been considering the larger sized Lunette and Fleurcups although I am open to other brands. I have been told that my pelvic floor muscles are quite strong too (found that out giving birth to my first child). I would prefer something with a stem though as I guess I am too use to tampons and would be quite scared if it got stuck up there- I know that sounds silly but I am being honest!

I am awaiting some cloth panty liners in the mail so at least I've already made that change!

Hoping someone has some advice.

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, endometriosis, environmental impact, first time use, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, lunette, tampons

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