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My Cuplee love affair

Hi cuppers ! You may remember me as the girl who spent the whole summer figuring out which cup to get, ending up ordering a Cuplee and becoming a regular to this community, advocating softer cups since.

I'll spare you the boring details, just say that it took me long enough to figure out how to send $ 36 to a russian bank account, but fortunately Lily, the sales representative, has been nothing but patient, helpful and trusting. So much so, that she offered to go ahead and send my cup although payment was taking weeks to appear on her side.

Long story short, my cup is translucent pink with golden tones, incredibly soft and squishy, has 4 perfectly functionnal little holes, some really useful length for its width (43x53 + 17 mm grippy stem) and more capacity than I (hbc, light flow) could ever need (25ml to the holes!). It has never leaked on me, an overall it's been working like a charm, although I'm still learning how to get it to pop open in the most awkward positions (i.e. not lying down). I've made some progress by trying new, more complex folds, such as origami, labia, diamond and 7-fold. So far, I guess the most complicated the fold, the most likely it is to pop right open ! ;)

And here is the (much better) picture Lily sent me, including a Barbie pink cup !

So, this is how it was the day I received it. Now I cut half of the stem off, leaving just under a cm to grab onto. Did I mention how handy the grip rings are ? especially useful on the base though, because it's plenty long for me, really.
Now, you may remember (or notice the post just under this one) that I had a boiling scare the other day when my cup projected what looked and felt like particles of sillicone all around the cooking spot. I couldn't figure out for sure what it was (limestone or silicone). So I went ahead and used my cup anyway, I just couldn't go back to tampons for safety's sake. I mean, I KNOW I'm gonna die from TSS now, with everything I read about it while making the switch lol. I had no ill-effects from that last cycle, as far as I can tell. But I was pretty disheartenend and wrote the company about it.

Then again, I want to thank Lily for patiently listening to and replying to my concerns, so much so, that because the company couldn't figure out what happened, they just sent me another cup !! Wow ! this means I've got a cup family now, more like cup twins ! Maybe I should let one go...? Hmm...
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