amethfulem (amethfulem) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A little help with insertion?

I'm 16, virgin and a proud UK Mooncup newbie, however I seem to be having a few problems with insertion and other things....

Firstly, I can't really find the right fold for me. The C fold is just useless, won't even fit in for some reason; the '7' fold doesn't fit either and lastly, the punch down is probably the best (fits in perfectly, goes straight in) but it never folds out properly-- very annoying! I have to also add that unlike it's sisters, the Mooncup is quite stiff I won't be able to do complicated folds. Do you guys recommend any folds that work for them?

Secondly, I've been mostly trying with dry runs and I do know that it's supposed to be easier when your on your period. Basically, I went for a search while I was on and I was shocked how cramped it was in there! Usually I have tons of space but now... I'm thinking the thing I can touch is my Cervix? It's so close to my entrance-- okay not that close but I was literally flabbergasted! Will this effect my use of the cup?

I think that's it... Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)
Tags: cervix position, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, mooncup (uk)

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